Exploring soil as an organ with its own metabolism –permeable to the living and dying– this performance is an amalgamation of scientific methods, photographic recordings and movement that is inherent to each particle of earthly structures and chaos.

Sinking Ship

On chairs we rest. We seek comfort, we let ourselves sink - the body surrendering to its earth-bound heaviness. Sinking deeper and deeper into the object, into its (inanimate) being, the dancer merges with the chair, blurs the lines between subject and object, living and non-living entity, moving the rigid wood and being moved by its form and weight on the body.
With the chair now functioning as a part of the dancer, at what point does comfort blur into discomfort? What new modes of action (of movement and thinking), have to be taken in order to not only sustain but let this hybrid flourish into something new - a third nature.
This performance explores the possibilities of interaction, of intertwining, and the new ways of thinking and being that can emerge from this.

Watering Words (ongoing)

fearful waters
tied in time
held down by
moon chords that govern
your watery cycles
spoken not in words
but only liquid gaze,
touching your fleeting surface

Watering Words is a collective experiment in the form of a long-term poetic conversation flowing through different bodies of water. It is a durational project based on a precise repetitive weekly score which aims to create an environment where various forms of artistic expression fuse and enter in dialogue with each other. Each week consists of moving and subconscious writing in relation to a chosen source of water, then exchanging and responding to each others texts in visual, auditory or physical form.

In Our Dream (2021)

we move through dreams as we move through
curtain walls of remembered glances.
traces of the familiar
threading through a web of fleeting landscapes,
ever changing, morphing, expanding.
until the horizon of the unknown
meets its counterpart again.

„In Our Dream“ is an exploration, a play, a fragmentation of dreamstates within and through the collective unconscious and its archetypes. It merges performance and installation to let the audience become part of an immersive journey, moving through four different sections, ever deeper into hidden inner worlds and collective dream narratives.

Forceful Dandelion (2020)

pulse of pavement
cold ground among concrete spines
roots traveling their hidden paths
and limbs always find their way
to surface,
move and breathe and be

Bold and tenacious. Crossing borders, they fit into and bloom in whatever space they desire. Their roots always steadfast, defying even the most adverse circumstances.

Surrounded by an environment of speed, pollution and stress - how can we access the nature we carry within ourselves? How can we feed our need for movement and craving for space? How can we be wild in enclosed, curated spaces and structures? And can wildness also be a restoration of order instead of an embracing of disorder?

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